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In 1973, Homes & Land revolutionized real estate marketing by introducing the industry's first network of high-quality pictorial magazines. Our innovative products have since made us North America's preferred source for real estate information. Today, Homes & Land provides real estate professionals with a total marketing solution built around four marketing objectives. Our toll-free number and Web address are advertised on the cover of 60 million magazines annually! Buyers can call or go online and request a Homes & Land Magazine from over 15,000 communities across the US and Canada. Our Relocation Service Center asks these callers a series of questions, and then passes that information along to a Tucson Arizona realtor as a qualified lead.

We send the owner of every advertised property a copy of Homes & Land Magazine. We include a personalized letter promoting a Tucson Arizona realtor and their services, and explain to sellers how they can view their property on HomesAndLand.com. We provide a powerful third-party endorsement to let your clients know how hard you are working to sell their home. Homes & Land makes internet marketing easy: ? Your advertised listings are automatically uploaded to HomesAndLand.com. ? HomesAndLand.com is promoted in a variety of major media sites such as Google and Yahoo!. ? We provide you with your own personal Web site when you advertise in Homes & Land! ? In addition, our state of the art technology enables you to submit your print ads online. Our quality printing and custom ad design create the professional image any Tucson Arizona realtor needs to succeed in today's marketplace. In Homes & Land Magazine, you not only have room to promote your listings, you have room to promote yourself. By consistently advertising in our magazine, using the same page design, the same image, the same slogan, you become a known and trusted "Brand Name" and buyers and sellers prefer to work with someone they know and trust. To learn more about advertising opportunities with Homes and Land Magazine of Tucson and Southern Arizona or to find your Tucson Arizona Realtor, please complete our contact us form.

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